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The DNA replication project was born out of Emily’s passion, while the ambition was to bring creatures to life on the planet of WIRTUALVERSE. The project took over 5 years to eventually create thousands of DNA cells.

This experimental project is inspired by what Emily has discovered when exploring the world — which is creatures. Emily extends her long-established chemical study by implementing a DNA Generator to gather substances, especially molecules in all living organisms, from the earth all the way up to the laboratory research in WIRTUALVERSE. The experiment leads to the creation of various 5,000 DNA cells.


Preview NFTs

Over 5,000 Styles Soon to Be Released from the Laboratory.


Beyond its visual aesthetics and creativity behind the creation, it also represents your own identity in WIRTUALVERSE as reflects through visual languages of colors, elements, and textures.

Extra benefits
for sweat mining

Not only does it add a whimsical look to your Avatar, but also provides extra benefits for your sweat mining ability by increasing Max Receive and Submission ability, making your exercise even more rewarding!

Show off unique Identity

Make a lasting first impression on your friend by uniquely designing your own avatar with items that truly reflects the plush sophistication of your own style as a representation of yourself in WIRTUALVERSE, where active enthusiasts can come to interact as a community or meet up with friends for enjoyment.  

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Build a community that motivates thousands of people to live toward an active and healthier lifestyle — a gathering place for active enthusiasts.

Guild War & Scholarship

Take your experience to the next level with the Guild War & Scholar feature that is sure to make your Exercise to Earn more exciting and challenging.


Pave the way for the Metaverse that serves as a bridge between reality and virtual verse. All those who enter are indeed embraced with a sense of fantasy-inspired experience.

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