The Evolution of Social Platforms with Avatars

The future of exercise in the Metaverse that merges your real-world fitness lifestyle with the digital universe.

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Web3 Social Life


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Experience the next level of exercise in the metaverse-connected reality where your virtual meets reality, engage in PVP battle, craft out items and build a community.

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Uniquely design an avatar to be your own representation in the WIRTUALVERSE with 3D fashion wearables that reflects the plush sophistication of your own identity and personality. Avatar also grants its owners permission to travel across multiple virtual worlds with a consistent appearance.


Seamlessly bridges the gap between multiple virtual worlds into one platform 'WIRTUALVERSE' where anyone from anywhere in the world can come to socialize or interact as a community or meet up with friends for enjoyment.


Become the landowner in WIRTUALVERSE to open up plenty of new opportunities – build your business, home or premises, or even create income-generating properties like leasable buildings or interactive venues that charge admission or promote a brand.


A place where you live in WIRTUALVERSE. Becoming a homeowner offers you an opportunity to show off possessions, achievements, collections of unique digital collectibles and maybe even have friends over to hang out – opportunities are endless.


When it comes to "living" in the WIRTUALVERSE, we really mean having a place where you can call home. Why not add some supreme touches to your home? Fully-furnished your home with decorative finishings to make your home a place where you’d love to spend all day.

Guild war

The ultimate exercise battles in which guilds contest over the ownership of castles in the WIRTUALVERSE.
Only the winner will be eligible to claim for epic rewards that could not be found elsewhere.

Guild Gashapon

Contest over the ownership of castle in WIRTUALVERSE to win gashapon tickets which you and your guild members can spend on gashapon machine to randomly win a wide variety of surprise items.

Guild Scholarship

Rent out NFTs wearables to guild members via scholarships to generate extra income. The $WIRTUAL earned by the scholar can be split between the guild leader and the scholar – which is a win-win for both the scholar and the guild leader.

Brand Store

Home to a wide array of branded products ranging from sport apparel & equipment to fitness wearables, smart gadgets, stylish shirts and more. All of which can be purchased with easy payment via credit/debit card or QR Code payment. Spend less, get more with $WIRTUAL held in your internal wallet which you can use as a discount for your spendings.

Avatar Shop

Maximize your exercise for the most earnings with NFTs wearables in Avatar Shop where you can discover NFTs fashion wear, accessories and more for your avatar. Beyond adding a cool look to your avatar, items also provide extra benefits for your sweat mining; through increasing Max Receive and Submission.  

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Solid foundation of infrastructure that fosters sustainability, while also ensuring economic and financial stability throughout the Metaverse ecosystem. Metaverse bank is a bank that truly exists in WIRTUALVERSE and can seamlessly integrate to multiple platforms or games.

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NFT Marketplace

Explore, collect, and sell NFT collectibles with ease through the NFT marketplace which includes everything your needs in one platform. Not only buying and selling, you can also access NFTs auction. The platform also supports a variety of currencies including $WIRTUAL.

AR Stadium

Spice up your exercise experience with AR Stadium that has been mapped to the actual Earth. Simply walk around the mapped area while your camera capturing data about real-world surroundings to build out a 3D AR Stadium. By completing AR Stadium Challenge, you earn exclusive access to extra rewards.

Get Genesis NFT

WIRTUAL introduces a new way to mine for cryptocurrency that is affordable and easily accessible to anyone. By simply tracking your running, walking, swimming, cycling, dancing, or working out activities on your usual fitness device.